The Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society Inc. is an established, highly-respected and well-utilised community resource. Born after research findings warned that falling participant and volunteer numbers – alongside limited skills in club planning and financials – would negatively impact the growth of community sport and leisure activities, the society was charged with averting this trend.

The organisation started life in 2000 as the Greytown Sport Management Team, before becoming incorporated under its current name in 2003.

Today, the Society provides a central support hub for the 16 member clubs and societies, and over 1200 participants, operating in the locale. It is instrumental in helping with club and event coordination and assists, when required, in providing club management and operational advice. The Society is also experienced in complex governance issues as well as grant application processes and fundraising. In addition, it is often called upon to help facilitate meetings.

The Society is noticeably proactive in its communication with clubs and their respective stakeholders and takes care to devotes regular and equal attention to each of the sport and leisure groups it represents.

The organisation’s energy and enthusiasm for sport and leisure in Greytown is evident in its frequent Facebook posts – these herald club and team events, profile players and volunteers, announce results, celebrate achievements. This is also conveyed in the Society’s presence (and involvement) at games and tournaments.