Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society Inc (GCSLS) was formed as a result of the Sportville Study conducted by the Hillary Commission (Now Sport New Zealand) in 2000.

Sportville identified key issues affecting the growth of sport and leisure clubs within New Zealand, In particular, falling numbers of participants and volunteers at all levels, a lack of planning and financial concerns.  Concerned members of Greytown community initially formed a management team who commissioned a feasibility study through Global Leisure Group to ascertain the status of clubs within Greytown.  The result mirrored the Hillary Commission findings and GCSLS was formed to address these key issues. The Society began operating as Greytown Sport Management Team in 2000 and became an incorporated society in 2003.

Today our organisation has 16 member clubs with over 1,100 active members.

Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society (GCSLS) has three key partners. They are Greytown Trust Lands, Sport Wellington-Wairarapa and the South Wairarapa District Council. These three partners have a keen interest in developing sport and recreation in Greytown and took an active role in assisting with developing the Society.

There are 8 positions on the Society’s Board of whom four are elected by the member clubs. There are also three Independent Members appointed by a selection panel of the key partners and one elected school representative. Elected Members serve a one year term and Independent Members a two year term.

The Society employs a full time Executive Officer who is responsible for the administration, co-ordination and communication functions associated with the management and operation of the Society and member sport and leisure groups. The Executive Officer also undertakes specific agreed tasks involved with the creation and maintenance of linkages within the Greytown community.

Greytown Trust Lands is the major supporter in terms of funding for both the Society and its member clubs with additional funding provided by other gaming and community trusts. The South Wairarapa District Council also assists through the provision of an office in the Town Centre.