Organisational Structure

Greytown Sport Organisational Structure

Board Members:

There are eight Members on the Board of the Greytown Community Sport & Leisure Society.

Three Independent Members are appointed from the community by a Selection Panel, which consists of a representative from Sport Wellington, the Greytown District Trust Lands Trust and the South Wairarapa District Council.

One School Representative and four Club Representatives are appointed from the community and are elected by the Board annually.

An Executive Officer is employed by the Board to oversee the management and operations of the Society.

The Board Members and Executive Officer for the 2013/14 financial year (ending 30th June 2015) are:

Independent Members:

Paul Southey (Chair)
Dave Parke (Deputy Chair)
Sharon Gates

Club Representatives:

Chris James, President, Greytown Football Club
Hamish Edge, Trustee, Greytown Trails Trust
Tavita Isaac, Committee Member, Greytown Rugby Club

School Representative:

Paul Hammond, Sports Coordinator, Greytown School

Executive Officer:

Paora Ammunson

Postal Address: PO Box 106, Greytown, 5712
Office Address: Town Centre, Main Street, Greytown, 5712

T: 06 304 8310
M: 027 7304999