Strategic Plan


The strategic planning process is a key step for GCSLS. This strategic plan is expressed in terms of strategic objectives and outcomes and is complemented by an operational action plan, communication plan and financial budget.

The Strategic Plan encompasses three strategic objectives that the Society must aim to successfully deliver if it is to achieve the vision and mission.

Our Mission
Supporting community wide participation in sporting, leisure and recreational activities

Our Vision
Leading sport & leisure activities in our district

Our Values

Community support & involvement
Respect & tolerance for each others views
Perseverance, loyalty & positivism
Collective responsibility and ownership

Strategic Objectives
1. Organisational Strength & Sustainability
Objective – to develop strengths and opportunities within GCSLS, establishing it as an inspired and strongly governed and efficiently and professionally managed organisation.

Strategic Initiatives
1.1 Operational efficiency
o Strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and business practices.
o Report regularly on operational performance.
o Effectively and efficiently satisfy the requirements of the agreement with Greytown Trust Lands.
o Create and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders.

1.2 Governance
o Continue to improve and promote contemporary governance and risk management practices.
o Train and develop staff including Board members and ensure appropriate staff succession planning.

1.3 Financial Sustainability
o Develop alternative sources of income to provide a sound financial base.
o GCSLS has sufficient funding to continue operating.

Success Indicators
o The Board, in conjunction with the Executive Officer, has controls in place that ensure management procedures are appropriate, will  reduce, minimize or eliminate risk and enable timely corrective action to be taken.
o Regular operational and financial reporting.
o The KPIs contained in the agreement with Greytown Trust Lands are met.
o GCSLS is recognised by all of its stakeholders as an independent, knowledgeable and effective body for sport and recreation in Wairarapa.
o Governance principles and board policies are maintained and reviewed regularly.
o An annual board evaluation and EO performance review and appraisal are conducted.
o There is an annual budget surplus.
o The Society continues to achieve a three year funding arrangement with Greytown Trust Lands.
o Strategic and financial planning & budgeting enable the Society to identify and take action should longer term financial constraints appear.

2. Member Capability

Objective – to assist our members’ capability to build sustainable and well managed organisations and deliver quality sporting and recreational activities to the community.

Strategic Initiatives
2.1 Capacity Building
o Provide services to build the capacity of our members to operate more professionally and sustainably.
o Investigate networking opportunities to foster information sharing amongst members.
o Explore a range of benefits and services that could assist our members to operate more efficiently.
o Assist members to ensure that appropriate resources and facilities are available to best meet their needs.
o Research new ideas that could lead to an increase in member satisfaction and growth and assist members to implement.
o Assist members in developing improvement strategies designed to help clubs function efficiently and effectively.
o Continue to increase the number and quality of volunteers in member clubs by providing the resources and. information members need  to improve their ability to recruit, train and retain their volunteers.

2.2 Industry Recognition
o Conduct and promote regular events to promote the success of our members and to recognise the contribution of those involved in delivering sport and recreation in the Wairarapa.
o Research and implement new ideas that might improve the current award process which recognises the value and support of club volunteers.

Success Indicators
o Services are delivered that assist in training or provision of advice to members on issues and practices impacting their clubs.
o All clubs have in place a strategic plan, an annual action plan and a financial budget and these are regularly monitored.
o All clubs meet their planned targets and operate profitably.
o Activities are delivered to for members that facilitate networking and development of volunteers.
o The number of volunteers supporting community clubs is sustained.
o Volunteer of the Month awards continue to run.

3. Communication
Objective – To provide strategic communication to address the issues facing our members and community and to support the goals of our members.

Strategic Initiatives
3.1 Strategic Communication
o Continue to provide proactive communication on sports and recreation related issues and opportunities to our members, our stakeholders and the community.
o Develop a structured communication plan for GCSLS.
o Create and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders.

3.2 Awareness within the sport & recreation sector
o Continue to develop our brand and image to ensure it accurately communicates our goals and objectives to our stakeholders.
o Assist our members in decision making on important issues through two-way communication.
o Regularly promote members achievements and successes to the community.

3.3 Education and Informationo Provide education and information to our members to assist their planning and decision making abilities.

Success Indicators

o Provision of regular information on the website supported by a distribution of appropriate information to members via various media
o Provision of appropriate public comment on issues relevant to our members issues and concerns
o Completion of a structured communication plan adopted by the Board and implemented by staff
o Keep members well informed of future forums and workshops to be held which provide current information on developments in administration and other areas of interest to members
o Delivery of consultation services to members with issues around club management, funding or volunteers.

Review of the Strategic Plan

o The Strategic Plan will become the Agenda for the Board and will be monitored at regular board meetings with the EO providing a progress report against the objectives contained in the Plan.
o The Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually in November, in consultation with the members and stakeholders.

The Strategic Plan may be adjusted to take into account new opportunities or changing conditions affecting the Society or its members.

The Chairperson has overall responsibility to Board members for implementation and review of the Strategic Plan.